50 Shades of Gaga: What Lady Gaga Brings To Super Bowl LI

Lady Gaga is reportedly headlining the coveted Super Bowl LI halftime show. Gaga is an act that is known for her chart-topping music, eclectic electric sound, and inventive performances. Her brand of dramatic and musical storytelling is not only lyrical. The concepts she creates to illustrate her songs while performing, often display a visual narrative that is shocking, entertaining, and theatrical. Through the years, she’s cultivated a reputation for evolving her looks, her music’s core imagery, themes, and sound with each new project. When she has performed at award shows, live concerts, and other events, viewers have seen chameleon-like character and artistic transformations. From performing slow jazz ballads, using prosthetics to change her appearance, and bring mass victims of sexual abuse onstage, Lady Gaga is constantly refreshing her onstage imprint. NFL fans and music lovers, who will be viewing the Super Bowl at the beginning of 2017, will assuredly see something they’ll never forget. Here are a few performances that illustrate the full spectrum and range that audience members can look forward to from this artist:

“You and I” 2011 VMA Performance

“Paparazzi” 2009 VMAs

“Born This Way” 2011 Grammys

“Cheek To Cheek” 2015 Grammys

“Bad Romance” 2009 American Music Awards

“Till It Happens To You” 2016 Oscars


It’s clear that Lady Gaga is a musical act that has polished a desire to display diversity through her sound and performance choices. She’ll have several months to conceive of an alluring showcase that will have people talking about the scoreboard of the biggest game of the year.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dick Vermeil

    09/26/2016 at 5:03 PM

    I understand the the SB is now a global event, but, if feels like the NFL caters to those outside their immediate fan base. I don’t think too many are going to tune in for Gaga, then decide they’re going to give football a shot! Why can’t the NFL get Pearl Jam or Neil Young? How about Jay-Z? Nope…here ya go fellas, Lady Freakin’Gaga

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