Joel Embiid Speaks After Viral Dance Video: I’m Not Healthy

Joel Embiid, as he often does, took the internet by storm last night and into the morning when videos of him dancing at Meek Mill’s concert began to surface and go viral. Subsequently Twitter spouted off hot takes about whether Embiid should be dancing when he isn’t even playing right now. Some theorized he was healthy and ready to return.

He isn’t.

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Embiid talked to reporters after Saturday’s shootaround and was quoted by CSN Philly.

“I’m not healthy. Got to take care of my knee, this bone bruise. It’s been on and off. Work out and then swells up a little but and then got to slow it down. Like I said, it’s all about patience. But no, I’m not healthy … I’m not able to play right now.”

He later said that he felt Saturday was his best day of recovery since the injury, however, there is no timetable for his return.

The Sixer was also asked about his thoughts regarding all the conversation online surrounding his dancing.

“Honestly I don’t because I like reading stuff. I like seeing when people say bad stuff about me. Especially as far as basketball because the next game it makes me want to go on the court and do what they said I couldn’t do just prove them that ‘Yeah, I can do it.’ That’s my mindset.”

Watch the full interview below.


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