Is CTE To Blame For Aaron Hernandez’s Downfall?

Tell me how you really feel! When you, the reader, read that tweet by Bleacher Reporter’s Mike Freeman, what did you think?  

My first response was simple … GTFOH. (Hopefully you know what that means)

But then you start to think about everything we don’t know about CTE, and I’m sure a few players in the league are scared. Now the human side of my brain is working and I’m wondering, if Hernandez, who already fought with demons at a young age could’ve suffered from CTE at some point in his career and now, ultimately lost all battles today when he took his own life in prison.

I have zero sympathy regardless. Hernandez is trash. The only reason for this post is to remind everyone that we really have no clue about the effects of CTE, and if you don’t think this disease could make you hear voices, be paranoid and everything else that was happening to Hernandez when he committed those crimes, then you’re misguided.


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  1. Susan Maries Cibelli

    April 20, 2017 at 8:46 AM

    Tell me how you really feel! Not sure you really want to know Sean.. but your even if Aaron Hernandez has CTE the man is still trash was disgusting of you but rest assured it is typical of the callous disregard for others handicapped by brain damage and especially by our families who regardless of what proof is shown that their loved one was high jacked by multiple TBI’s that can lead to CTE and are thrown out with the trash. With that behind us…

    Classic CTE, this will be proven at forensic autopsy by initial medical findings, no question. I imagine this is a nightmare come true for NFL, Patriots, and the incompetent defense lawyers who did not raise CTE as a possible defense for his actions and they are all lawyering up. Fact is Mr. Hernandez likely had no control over his behavior and the NFL and Patriots will be held liable as co-conspirators in the death of that poor man.

    I am not a doctor or a lawyer however I am one of the first of a dozen women athletes enrolled in the original Legacy program at Boston with a 100 or so NFL players with suspect CTE brains donated. Suicide is what will most likely take us out as CTE predisposes us to that.

    When I saw Mr. Hernandez look over his shoulder in court at his little girl, I said to my mother as we watched the follow up, “OMG he will do the opposite of what they expect, because he won’t live, to appeal. I saw in his face the suicidal ideation shift gears and relief not hope flash over him, I am devestated.

    • Sean Brace

      April 25, 2017 at 1:11 PM

      Sorry just seeing this. I need to read the comments a little more these days! And yes, great take! You’re correct on all points. The main reason for my post was to really make it about the fact that we have no clue who suffers from it… not so much Hernandez but other athletes.

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