Video: Kris Bryant Hosts Home Run Derby in Downtown Chicago

Kris Bryant is an absolute stud. He plays multiple positions in the field, was the World Series MVP and carries a big stick!

Well, Red Bull who is known for their wacky ideas from time to time, remember Jimmy Rollins attempting to hit a ball the farthest on the Parkway, decided to host a home run derby featuring Bryant and seeing how many balls he could hit into the Chicago River.

The only reason why I posted this … well two reasons; the first, Bryant is my favorite player in the league and two, have you ever been to Chicago? The views from around downtown are some of the most amazing city views this country offers. And the best part about Chicago, the bars stay open all night, (some) girls were cool and believe it or not, they possess some of the best all-around food.

Bad thing about Chicago, the deep dish pizza ain’t sh*t.


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