Have You Apologized for Wanting Brandon Ingram over Ben Simmons Yet?

Draft time is here! Is it me, or does this year feel a little different than last? If so, my guess is easy: Not one of these players projected for the top five carry that sizzle that Ben Simmons brings. Hopefully by now, everybody realizes that we’re dealing with a supreme talent in Simmons. Once this kid lifts off next season, watch the commercials and praise start to roll in. As you can tell, I’m not worried at all about injuries, and after you watch these two videos that Simmons posted on his Instagram page, you won’t be either … enjoy!

Feeling great #PHILLY?? #tease #youcanttravelifthereisnoref

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Simmons knows he’s teasing us. Keep in mind that he turns 21 in July.

Alright last one

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