“It Was Like Woodstock”: ESPN Discusses Whether Philly Should Host the NFL Draft Every Year

Are you pissed you missed out on going to the NFL Draft? Are you pissed you had the chance to go out and socialize this past weekend while about 250,000 other people were out enjoying themselves in the city?

If the NFL Draft came back to Philly next year – or any year, really – would you make it a priority to make sure you were a part of it?

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If this past weekend was any indication, the NFL Draft coming to Philly may be the sports highlight of the year for this city. In some ways, it’s sad, because it’s a reminder that our sports teams aren’t very good. But the entire event of the NFL Draft really shined a bright light on the city of Philadelphia, regardless of how poorly our sports teams have been doing. And that’s part of the beauty in all of this.

So many national reporters and television stations had glowing reviews of Philly during the draft. So much so, in fact, that during ESPN’s NFL Live program, the panel discussed during the “Overreaction Monday” segment if Philly should play host to the NFL Draft every year. See what they had to say:


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Do you think it’s an overreaction for Philly to host the NFL Draft every year? Let us know what you think in the comments and on social media.


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