It’s Time for Joel Embiid to Leave Twitter Alone

In the day and age of social media, every individual can label themselves a superstar at any given moment. Their words become gospel and their status among society may fringe on being symbolic. However, when you are a sports professional or highly sought after entertainer, it can become negative noise that is repeated on timelines all over the digital world. In theory, this could be the start of mass exposure, but when it falls into the negative category, people start to take notice with a very different agenda.

This all brings me to the social media maven of Philadelphia sports, Mr. Joel Embiid. Embiid is undoubtedly the biggest sports presence in the City of Brotherly Love and one who isn’t afraid to post whatever’s on his mind. From a Triple H entrance to a postgame dance with Sixers cheerleaders – and now a special message to LaVar Ball – Embiid’s campaign seems to amaze everyone, including the national media, with each passing day. The Sixers’ talented star has successfully mastered the art of building a digital media kit through tweeting, Instagramming, and Facebooking his way from the streets to the stage with performers like Meek Mill. The question for me is, Is it getting a little too much?

Note: NSFW language in video.

I, for one, am a digital media enthusiast and love the tools that social media offer. However, I find myself thinking about the above question every time Embiid decides to make his mark. Dancing on stage and on the court is one thing, but using profanity to call out a troll who doesn’t lace his shoes in the same world as you could be a step not worth taking. LaVar Ball is a sideshow clown who already sees his stock on the rise with a reality show in the works and doesn’t need any help with exposure.

Just to be clear, understand that I do find Embiid comical and rather enjoy his acts on social media as an adult. However, when my kids are trying to learn how to play the game the right way and learn how to use social media as a benefit, I don’t appreciate Embiid’s way to show up his counterpart. Surely they have heard this language before and will hear it again, but it still doesn’t make it a logical choice by an athlete who is being paid to play, or shall I say, rehab the right way.

When LaVar Ball came out and said, “These guys haven’t won anything yet,” in response to the tweets by Embiid and Ben Simmons on draft night, he wasn’t lying. The proper way to retort is exactly what Ball shouted, which is on the court. In retrospect, Embiid played right into LaVar Ball’s hands and will continue to do so if he doesn’t leave his phone alone. Let’s not forget that the league could step in at any time and should they feel compelled to do so, hand out some sort of fine or suspension. I am sure the Sixers’ management would love that kind of press and/or spotlight for their organization.

I am thoroughly excited about the future of this team and where they are headed. If everything works out we could be enjoying an abundance of playoff journeys in the near future. We have waited long enough to be held in high regard as an NBA franchise again and to wear the proper crown. I just want the Sixers to be crowned NBA Champions one day in the near future, not Social Media Superstars.

Is this too much to ask?


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