What’s Trending on TV: ‘Insecure’ Recap, Comic-Con Rundown, & ‘Last Chance U’ Returns

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Let’s Unpack That

The second season of HBO’s award-winning series Insecure began last night. The show picks up right in the thick of the Team Issa vs. Lawrence Hive breakup ashes. For the record, I think they both need to be put on a prayer list somewhere. Issa starts going on a series of dates. They are continually unsuccessful because she’s unable to get over the fact that the source of her breakup with Lawrence was her infidelity. The men being as exciting as the “you’re over your data limit’ text from a carrier didn’t help. On a walk with Molly she admits she has hit the lowest of lows, “dick on E, back account on E, life on E.” A live look:

Meanwhile Lawrence is sleeping on an air mattress and continues to sleep with Tasha, the rebound  who uses words like “Zaddy.” At work, Issa tries to win over some students at a local high school. Like her flatlined relationship, it’s a connection that can’t be saved no matter the lengths of her efforts. Molly accidentally gets the mail of one of her male colleagues at work. She’s shocked and disgusted to find that her co-worker is cashing in an extremely heavier check than her. My shocked face:

Issa sets up a party at her apartment and fantasizes about the various scenarios in which Lawrence shows up. Her party is full of Carlo Rossi wine and I feel like I’m watching my freshman year in college again. (Please don’t do the math of the legality of that line. Lets move on from this). Lawrence never shows at the party. Instead he takes Tasha to dinner where he convinces the desperate girl to go half on some appetizers. Ladies some of your MCM are putting a cape on for a man who makes a date pay for popcorn shrimp! The party is relatable heaven where the topics of discussion are salary inequality, cultural disparity, and to top it off people show up completely uninvited.  It legit goes up in flames after the trash can catches on fire.

She tried to fix her relationship and it backfired. She tried to take initiative at work and the teenagers hit her with the snatch and run for Tostitos and Cheetos. Resolutely Issa tells her coworker, “Sometimes you just gotta know when to give up.” As SZA’s “Love Galore” plays in the background, the audience sees Issa back at home cleaning up the damage of her night. Lawrence shows up to get his mail and makes up some lie about leaving products in that bathroom so he can come in. This was probably Lawrence in the bathroom collecting his stuff:

He comes out the bathroom and they begin to have sex. As soon as the its over, might I add quickly, he states “Yo I gotta go.” Issa’s left sitting on her new couch, bewildered, confused, and will prob spend the rest of the night or two weeks dissecting what the sex sneak attack meant.


San Diego Comic-Con kicked off last week merging the best in action, fantasy, and supernatural television series, films, and fans under one roof. Groundbreaking trailers premiered, fans interacted with several stars, and unfortunately Ben Affleck said he’s still Batman. Below are a list of some of some amazing shows that dropped new promos for the crowd.


The Hollywood Reporter continues its roundtables as the countdown to the 2017 Emmys is full steam ahead. From dramatic actors and actresses, to comedy, to the directors chairs, each panel dives headfirst into great discussions about the resurgence of the golden age of TV.

-Julia Roberts is coming to television as the star of Homecoming. Based on a fictional podcast that was created in November 2016. The project has been officially picked up by Amazon for a two-season run. Roberts will also star and executive produce a limited series for HBO called Today Will Be Different.

-Tiffany Haddish, star of new film Girls Trip, told an insanely hilarious story to Jimmy Kimmel about taking Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith on a swamp tour. Weed was involved and an explanation of what Groupon is.

-The AMC breakup with The Walking Dead producer Frank Darabont has gone full Rob Kardashian. Last week the network released several emails of Darabont’s rants towards executives. They emails exposed his wild temper and insane demands. I expect Darabont’s ABC News interview with Lisa Bloom by his side any day now.

-Marvel has casted the actors for its newest television show New Warriors. The superhero comedy will make its debut on Freeform in 2018.

-Fresh off its recent box office release, Showtime has bought the rights to the television production of Baby Driver. The film has outperformed many box office predictions which urged several networks to swoop in and claim its stake on TV.

-Actor Ryan Phillippe broke his leg last week off-set of the hit USA series Shooter. The second season of the show premiered last night. There are no words on if the incident will halt production on the current season.

-Paula Patton has a new show premiering tonight on ABC at 10 PM. Just like her estranged ex ABC let her down by not doing extensive promotion and their inability to get early reels of the series out to the media for previews. I’ll set my DVR for you Paula girl but I have no idea what Somewhere Between is about. You be the judge and do better ABC!

Shocking and Jaw Dropping Moment of the Week

File this video and the hype behind it in the “LOL” folder. For weeks Shark Week has promoted Michael Phelps in a race against a shark. He spoke about it on late-night appearances and the commercials  for the big event were everywhere. The actual event was equivalent to Kylie Jenner’s sketching new crop top designs, useless. The anticlimactic virtual race named the dubbed the shark as the split second winner. Many fans seemed upset to discover that Phelps was not racing an actual shark in the water. To those people I say: “Did you actually think Michael Phelps was gonna risk being turned into Kibbles and Bits for the cameras? Really?!”

Promo of the Week

(Suits airs on USA Network on Wednesdays at 9 PM EST.)

What You Should Be Watching 

Netflix’s award-winning docuseries Last Chance U returned for its second season last week. In the show’s first season viewers got a glimpse at the path Division I football castaways take on the road to redemption. These are players are full of colorful backgrounds including substance abuse, criminal records, and other troubled pasts. They are infinitely linked with the desire to reclaim a signature piece of their lives that they let slip away. From family candid interviews to the effects coaching at this level has on the staff, the series does a great job with storytelling. Not everyone makes it back to the top of the mountaintop and the season is full of struggle and strife but the intimate locker room broadcast displays a true journey of second chances and survival.

Tweets of the Week

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