Skip Bayless: Under Fire, When I Watch Carson Wentz I See Deer in Headlights

This is Dak riding at its finest.

Despite having an NFL-leading 137.7 passer rating on third down and coming off the first four touchdown performance of his career, Skip Bayless just can’t help himself when sticking up for his Dak Prescott. He claimed that he sees a deer in headlights when watching Carson Wentz under pressure and that he doesn’t have the moxie Prescott possesses in a recent Fox Sports 1 Undisputed segment on Tuesday.

Take a listen and laugh.

Not sure where Skip got that nonsense from. Wentz is coming off a game where he just went 11-of-12 on third down for 225 yards and three touchdowns. He continues to grow every week, his red zone play is improving, he’s making less mistakes, his deep ball accuracy has gotten better.

You’re picking on the wrong guy Skip.

Shannon Sharpe on the other hand gets it. He claims that Wentz has a better arm and is more mobile than Prescott.

Light up another victory cigar Shannon! You can listen to the entire segment below.

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