Tweets from the Star Hunt: The best reactions of the Sixers’ off-season so far

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The past few months have been full of speculation and rumors. The 76ers’ former general manager was involved in a Catfish scandal, the team had tons of money, not to mention several assets. Regardless of front office woes, the stage was set for an ultimate merger between this franchise and a star player. Bringing the star hunt front and center was our beloved coach and temporary general manager Brett Brown.


We Are Star Hunting

When the season was over, Brett gave this closing speech before the off-season, opening the eyes of several fans:

The Warm-Ups and Expectations

Some fans began the process of eyebrow-raising and extreme excitement. Others played the wait and see game:

We Actually Thought It Would Happen

Once the rumors started brewing and the news of a meeting broke, the Lebron to Philly signing became a possibiltiy on the reality meter. It even broke Vegas: 

the first time in my Sixers fandom that i’ve cared more about the start of free agency than the announcement of the summer league roster

— Michael Levin (@Michael_Levin) June 30, 2018

The Lebron Hype Era Got Weird for Some of You

Some of you went to extremes to seal the deal and bargain: 

That Time Embiid Had Points

Embiid pulled out a true fact that several tarnished Lebron murals in Los Angeles would back up: 

When Lebron Signed With LA

And just like that, the dream was over: 

Some people took the news better…

Sending Kawhi the “Wyd” Text

Now that our main option was gone, it ws time to hit up the backup: 

When The Melo Rumors Came Out

Well the side piece of Kawhi wanted an allowance, a house, a new car, and a new wardrobe. It was time to diversify and check  in on old and run down options: 

Reconciliation and Recaps

With the offseason looking less likely to attract new faces to the squad, some took stock an fthe roster and others added fuel to the fire: 

Back to the Grind and The Process

At the end of the day, the starting lineup will probably be the same. Acceptance for some came: 

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