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Wild pitch to Manny? Phillies forget to unlock the door at CBP


When you’re trying to land a big time free agent, no matter the sport, I’m sure there’s plenty of conversation leading up to a meeting, leaving no stone unturned. So how is that when Manny Machado rolls up to Citizens Bank Park today, a meeting that everyone has known about for a week now, you forget to unlock the door? On top of that, you lead him to an entrance that is surrounded by every member in the Philadelphia media, microphones in hand? I don’t get it.

Look, I understand that you want to show off the fact that you’re going after Machado and I know things don’t always go as planned. But, I’m sorry, the first thing I do is have someone on the phone waiting for him as soon as he pulls up. On top of that, to avoid the media and random construction workers yelling, “Do the right thing!” I’m having Manny pull right in to the player’s gate. I believe it goes under the stadium. Tell me it wasn’t awkward in the video above?

Just remember, the Yankees and Dodgers aren’t making those mistakes. That’s what we’re up against. Hopefully all that matters at the end of the day… is cash. He does look good in red pinstripes.


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