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Fantasy Firebox: Examining the AFC East


This week, Tony (@TCutillo23) and John (@PGHJohn36) break down the AFC East with special guest Jon Jansen (@jjansen34) of Fox Sports The Gambler.  The breakdown of who to own, who to draft, and what 2020 is going to look like from a fantasy perspective is all here.

  • Will Cam Newton be reborn in New England?
  • Why no fantasy love for Miami?
  • Can Le’Veon Bell return to form?
  • Can Stefon Diggs be a top 10 WR in Buffalo?

FANTASY FIREBOX: NFC North | AFC North | NFC West | AFC West | AFC South

This episode is in conjunction with The Heat Ratio Podcast (@heatratiosports), Fox Sports The Gambler (@foxphlgambler), and Philly Influencer (@PHL_Influencer), and brings a set of unique views and opinions when it comes to fantasy sports. Come join in the discussion and make your opinions heard!

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