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Afternoon Tug 5-7-15

Is Chip Kelly racist? Former player thinks he’s “equally racist to all races” Can we stop now? (CSNPhilly)

Shaq fall...real or fake?
Shaq fall…Staged?

Rockets evened the series up 1-1, with a huge 2nd half! Matt Barnes helped by trash talking James Hardens mama?! (ProbasketballTalk)

Not sure you’ll see a more “tone-deaf” video all year. Always ask myself, do some people have a brain? (NYPost)


TNT owned late night television last night. Staging a fall by Shaq and from the world of “Jimmy Fallon does it so everybody has to do it” a lip-synching battle! (ESPN)

Tom Brady’s phone interview after the AFC championship game is even better this time around. “I’ve heard it all at this point” (Weei)

Kevin Love’s phone is ringing but he ain’t picking up! I don’t blame him either. Olynyk can save his breath. (CBSSports)

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