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Afternoon Tug 5-8-15



Maybe the only time you’ll read this and agree but, tonight you should head down to C.B.P. and catch Hamels/Harvey. (

Extra “tug” here but…Bill Simmons is leaving ESPN. Rumor has it that Simmons is expected to make 5 mill?! God Bless America. (NYTimes)

Tom Brady made his first public appearance since the Ted Wells report, said he “hasn’t had time to read it” HorseShit Tom, HorseShit! Jon Stewart rips him up pretty good here. (Entertainment)

Alex Rodriguez, you may have heard of him. He goes by AROD. He hit home run number 661 last night and passed Willie Mayes on the all-time list. ┬áNo way we should “embrace” that. (USAToday)

Jimmy Kimmel with a very classy gesture (Fox)

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