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Top 3 Questions At Eagles Mini-Camp

Eagles mandatory mini-camp begins today. Yes thats right, something good to talk about! (Thank you) With the Phillies being the worst team ever, the Blackhawks winning another and the Joel Embiid scare, we need something good to talk about. So, with that being said, here are 3 Eagles questions that I’m hoping will be answered by the end of this week….


  1. Morgan Schmittinger

    Sean good to hear ya again,but deciding what offensive guards will be starting and what QB in 72 hours is obviously unrealistic! So why would you pose that question, especially with no pads. Good energy, just need to work on some of your wording. Nice to hear you on the air though. My ? Is will Thurmond fill that 2nd safety spot, will Kendricks actually be coming off the bench, and you honestly think huff has a shot? Don’t see it, he’s injury prone, has questionable hands, and anybody could have taken one of those kickoff returns to the house. He was untouched and had a huge lane. I hope your right, but not a believer in huff.

  2. Sean Brace

    Eh, Like I said in the video, 1 question won’t be answered but its the QB position. Have to talk about the QBs. The line, I disagree, they know who will be the leaders in the clubhouse come Aug 2. Either way, thanks for watching!

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