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LeSean McCoy Has Invited Everyone to a New Party… Featuring DJ Donald Trump

Last week, LeSean McCoy set up a females-only party using the Bills logo illegally and therefore had to cancel it.

Moments ago, he posted the following on Instagram, apparently not recognizing how stupid he’s looked twice in a row now.


This is ridiculous. This is ludicrous. There’s no way in hell that Shady would ever – IN HELL! – invite Chip Kelly to one of his parties. Ever.

But, nice shoutout to that terrible server at PYT. Keepin’ them famous!

Obviously this is a joke and McCoy’s just venting his frustrations about his canceled party through social media like any immature professional athletes making a lot of money would. I kind of sort of get the message McCoy is sending – he is the victim here and this is his way of getting a little revenge on his current team. The thing is, I think this Instagram post is going to be deleted, too. Very soon.

Good job, LeSean. #culture

H/T to WIP warrior Adam Reigner

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