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Ravens Receiver Steve Smith Called Chip Kelly’s Practice “Apple Juice”

Yesterday, the Eagles and Ravens participated in an open practice, one of a few the two teams will be involved in this week, which will ultimately culminate in a preseason game between the teams on Saturday.

Steve Smith, Sr., who said he would retire from professional football after this season, didn’t mince words when speaking with the media after the practice was over, lamenting on going home and sucking his thumb and throwing a temper tantrum in the corner.

From the Baltimore Sun:

“I’d rather be at home,” Smith said. “Today’s my wife’s birthday, so I’m not at home. I’m over here doing this bull [crap] and missing my wife’s birthday. That’s my honest opinion. I’d rather be at home singing happy birthday to my wife, but I’m out here getting questioned to assess a rookie corner.”

He later relented and said one can always learn from any practice session, but Smith grew tense after three Philadelphia reporters asked him about defensive back Eric Rowe, the Eagles’ second-round NFL draft pick from Smith’s alma mater, Utah.

He said it was hard to evaluate on a six-second route “if he’s going to be the next Deion Sanders.”

Translation: I couldn’t beat him, but because it’s not November, I’ll act like it doesn’t bother me right now.

And, according to Smith, there’s nothing special about Chip Kelly’s practices, because nobody talks about them.

He also said there’s “no chatter about how [Kelly’s] practices are. “Have you heard about our practices?” Smith asked. “Exactly. We’re three hours. This 2:15, 2:45, man, this is like apple juice. It’s great.”

How dare thee.

Good riddance, Steve. We don’t need you here practicing with our guys. You’re just getting owned by our defensive backs anyway. And let’s remember – Chip’s practices are probably way more fast-paced than the Ravens’ and there’s probably a lot less downtime for people like Smith to regain some of that oxygen left on the field from his 36-year old body.

But, really, continue being a jackass, Steve. It’s becoming.

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