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Philadelphia Comes in Fourth Place as the Best Dressed Sports City

According to an in-depth and researched article on ESPN, the Uni Watch Power Rankings to be exact, Philadelphia is the fourth-best dressed sports city in North America. It’s about time someone realized how beautiful our teams’ uniforms are.

Philly fans may be notorious for booing, but they certainly have nothing to complain about when it comes to their teams’ uniforms (including the 76ers’ new set, which hasn’t yet appeared on the court but looks very promising). From team to team, from top to bottom, not a stinker in the bunch. And the city’s score will go even higher if the Eagles ever make the much-anticipated return to kelly green.

Ah! They invoked kelly green! Now it has to happen… and Philly will shoot up to number one in those Uni Watch power rankings. Guaranteed.

Here are the Uni Watch scores for Philly teams: Phillies, 9.5; Eagles, 8; 76ers, 8; Flyers, 8. Overall, Philly netted a score of 8.38, just below Chicago, Pittsburgh and Boston.

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