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Howie Roseman Is Trying to Be So Politically Correct When It Comes to Sam Bradford

Sam Bradford and his agent are playing a game. It’s not going over well with the Philly fan base. Nor should it. It’s probably not going over well in the Eagles’ front office, either, but you wouldn’t think that if you listened to Howie Roseman’s comments to CSN Philly’s John Clark yesterday, who still is putting his full support behind Bradford.

Howie Roseman: I want to reiterate our support for Sam Bradford and I go back to our statements last week, that Sam is our starting quarterback. His agent and Sam know how we feel about him. These workouts are voluntary. We look forward to seeing Sam again in the near future.
John Clark: Has he expressed displeasure with what’s happened?
Roseman: I think as a competitor, obviously emotions come into play. That’s what makes these guys great players. But, you know, all the conversations that we have with Sam and his agent based on our relationship we keep between us.
Clark: If Sam Bradford is unhappy and doesn’t show up – you have a first year head coach in Doug Pederson – how difficult do you think it is gonna be to manage the entire situation at the quarterback position?
Roseman: We have a really strong locker room. We have great leadership and great veteran leadership. A lot of those guys we’ve extended here in the last few months. At the end of the day, all these guys want to win. They’re gonna come together. It’s April. These things have a way of working themselves out.

Video below.

Do you think the Eagles will take the $11 million cap hit and move Bradford? They can’t possibly keep him on the team now, can they?

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