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Jason Peters Takes Several Shots at Chip Kelly

It must be the emotional intelligence.

Doug Pederson > Chip Kelly, at least according to Jason Peters.

The 12-year left tackle voiced his opinions on Pederson and Kelly Thursday, taking a lot of shots at his former coach. Peters believes Pederson is a lot more respectful of his veteran players.

“The last couple years, there wasn’t a lot of vets, and any vet that stood up and had something to say, we got rid of him,” Peters said via CSN Philly. “Doug was a player here, he understands veteran players and he understands the game, so I think it’s better.”

Peters stated that Kelly’s practices took a toll on the players and eventually wore them down.

“The same practices that we did in training camp were the same spring practices, exactly the same, so it’s pretty much we had training camp the whole offseason,” Peters said. “Even OTAs were the same exact practice. It kind of wore us down.”

Pederson, meanwhile, understands what the players go through because he’s been in the league, according to Peters.

“Any time you’ve got a coach who’s been there, done that, he knows about the trenches and he knows about the two-a-days, it definitely helps with a veteran team as a whole,” he said.

Peters also believes the simplicity of Kelly’s offense caught up to them last year after having a couple 10-6 years to start.

“I mean, this is the National Football League, and if the running back is to the left and you’re running the zone read, where do you think the ball is going? To the right,” he said. “They caught up to us. We had some good years there back to back, then last year we had that down year. We just needed to change a little bit up, especially with [quarterback Sam Bradford] back there. They know he’s not gonna run it, so it kind of put our hands behind our back.”

Peters said later, “(The coaches) call the play, and we execute it. But when the (opponents) know, and they’re professionals too, and they know what the play is, it’s tough.”

You can view the video below.

Good thing Chip isn’t here anymore to release Peters for his displeasures.


[Editor’s note: I think Peters might be speaking for a lot of the players on the team. We’ve seen other guys take shots at Chip while he was here and then again when he was fired, and Peters is one of those guys that was accused of milking injuries by some media members, including Mike Quick. After the season, he still believed he was the best offensive lineman in the locker room. His confidence in bashing Chip Kelly seems to be on par with his confidence on the field.]

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    Nice work this week fellas. Time to hit your parents shore house and stop posting for the weekend. Oh wait your guys parent’s don’t have shore properties? Man. Should have gone to Villanova I guess. Well you can crash at my mommy and daddy’s place, Brace you get the floor.

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