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Predictions for Eagles-Packers

The Eagles’ playoff hopes likely ride on a Wild Card berth, but they’re still alive. Can they beat the Green Bay Packers at The Linc on Monday night? We give our predictions below. What do you think? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or comment below.

Ray Hagan:
Last week I believed in the Packers against the Redskins. I did that mostly because apparently I’m unable to properly pick a Redskins game. The Packers look out of sort, their defense couldn’t stop a runny nose and I’m almost certain they’re cooked. My prediction has little to do with the Eagles who I still don’t know what to think of, and almost entirely to do with the fact that I do think I know who the packers are.

Eagles 33-26.

Tony Cutillo:
Everything that needed to go in the Eagles’ favor on Thanksgiving happened. Now, they need to take care of business on Monday night. If only things were that simple. Green Bay comes to town with their own set of problems and the hopes that the Birds are still hungover from Thanksgiving. Their offense is always capable of big plays, but their defense could be better off looking for talent on The El. Yes, they are that bad! The city of Philadelphia has been trending the name Paul Turner as the savior of the wide receivers and with Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles hurt, they’re left with Wendell Smallwood to run the show. I like Carson in this one to show off his skills and lead to Birds to victory.

Eagles 38-27.

Candis McLean:
It’s very rare that a team goes from being an imposing or a feared schedule matchup to mediocracy in the same season. The Packers have done it. Green Bay is on a four game losing streak for a reason. Their offense and defense are equally horrendous. This is one of the unique occasions where I’d say, if you have somebody on your fantasy team from the Eagles start them. Start everyone and start grinning, everyone except Agholor.

Eagles 31-17.

Dave Uram:
I went back and forth with this game because the Eagles play significantly better at home. The Birds are a completely different team when they enter Lincoln Financial Field and that is why they’re 4-0 in South Philadelphia this season. But the Packers’ pass offense and rushing defense is very good. It will be difficult for the Eagles’ inconsistent secondary to account for wide receivers Jordy Nelson, Davante Adams and Randall Cobb. Also, with Ryan Mathews and Halapoulivaiti Vaiti ruled out, the Birds’ run game will take a hit and Carson Wentz will be more exposed. It will be close, but in the end the Birds will come up short.

Packers 24-20.

Tyler Trumbauer:
I predicted against the Eagles last week, but expected a closer contest than it truly was. It showed how far the Birds are from those top-tier teams. On Monday night, the Eagles host a not-so-elite-anymore Packers team, but they still have a franchise quarterback to be wary of. The storyline all season has been the Birds’ ability to win at home, but I think that stops here. With the wide receivers in complete disarray [despite the addition of Paul Turner] and the injuries which piled up last week, I think the Eagles falter in prime time and kiss their playoff hopes goodbye.

Packers 24-17.

Adrian Fedkiw:

The Eagles are 4-0 at home and their defense benefits the most from the home cooking, but it will be their ball control offense which leads them to victory. Philadelphia controlled the clock during its win over Matt Ryan two weeks ago and I believe it’ll do the same Monday. The Eagles will run the ball well, move the chains and keep Rodgers off the field.

Eagles 31-24.

Sean Brace:
Look, I’ve come to find out that the fans believe this Eagles team is a little bit better than what I believe. I know the Birds are undefeated at home (4-0) but I look at Aaron Rodgers and this passing attack to have its way. Tonight’s game is going to be close. I’m going with a one-point victory by the Birds.

Eagles 28-27.

Nick Piccone:
Shouldn’t be a close game. Aaron Rodgers is very good, but so were Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan before they came into Philly. There’s no way the Eagles should lose this one unless they completely collapse. I don’t see it happening. But if it does, kiss the season goodbye.

Eagles 24-17.

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