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Ben Simmons Blocked His Sister Olivia on Twitter after She Roasted Him

The one thing I loved about Ben Simmons’ One & Done documentary on Showtime was how close his family was. In his road to the NBA, the documentary focused a lot on his family, something that he cherished. But something happened. Olivia Simmons, Ben’s sister, went on a Twitter rant about her brother yesterday and was eventually blocked by him.

I just hope this isn’t true. It kind of brings me down from a Flyers high on this Friday afternoon. Yes, Olivia has bipolar disorder, which was chronicled in the documentary. But that doesn’t mean what she said wasn’t the truth. It may not have been. We probably won’t know until she or Ben makes a comment on it. If they do. Or if she just deletes all the tweets [some of which she’s done already] and act like nothing happened.

Hopefully this was just a minor thing and the Simmons family can become a close-knit group once again, because they were so great to watch together.


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  1. Trev

    Yo. Talking all about them bein close and tight knit… Do y’all realise they have another older brother from a different mother that the father didn’t want to be in the documentary??? The father tries to pretend this first born doesn’t exist because he got a girl pregnant on his younger years then bailed. it’s sickening. Woah so close knit huh?? Lmao. They are the most selfish, narcissistic family that care about no one but themselves and using Bens success to make themselves feel better about their own shitty failed lives. Ben has just had enough of the nasty person Olivia is. It has nothing to do with her mental illness, that can’t be used as an excuse. Ben seems to be the only one left of them that has a chance to still be a good person. Fingers crossed. This family is DISGUSTING.

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