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‘The Goldbergs’ Will Feature a Flyers Fashion Show on Wednesday Night

Adam F. Goldberg is once again invoking Philadelphia sports into his hit comedy show, The Goldbergs, on Wednesday night. I’ve been a fan of this show since its premiere, and every so often, the plot will revolve around Philly sports teams. They honored Ed Snider. “Super Cool Senior” Ruben Amaro, Jr. even made an appearance.

And on Wednesday night, the Flyers, who have really been the go-to team for this show, will once again have a role in the episode. Here’s what the preview for the show looks like on Comcast:

“After Barry starts checking out the best medical schools to become a doctor, Lainey announces she got into a fashion program that doesn’t have a medical school, so Barry decided to modify his dream so he can be with Lainey.”

You can watch a preview of it below.

The Goldbergs
airs every Wednesday night on ABC at 8:00 P.M.


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