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#SMDayPHL: Social Media Day brings innovation and insights

Social Media Day

Philadelphia’s Social Media Day 2018 was full steam ahead on Thursday, June 28th. Presented by Slice Communications day was filled with fantastic speakers, content, and tons of information about how influencers in the industry can propel an innovate. Speakers from Twitter, LinkedIn,, Honeygrow, and PwC, and more were all at the conference engaging the best and brightest social media and digital marketing professionals. These top-tier shared insights on brand development and promotion, social media trends, marketing, and more. The convention’s structure included panels, hands-on classroom workshops, flash talks, and several other discussions.


The keynote speaker was Ashley Sasnett. She’s the New Media and Social Engagement Manager for Porsche North America. She entertained the audience with a “Why We Have the Best Gig in the Company” presentation. Coming from the position that an ideal career perfectly merges purpose, passion, and profession, Sasnett harped on the vitality of storytelling in the field of social media. The market and trends are always evolving so there needs to be a sharpened effort to be engaged with your community and audience. Social media professionals have a tremendous influence. They are the bridge between people and the brand. Sasnett stressed the importance of not taking old tactics into new markets.

There was a C-Suite Debate on Social Media between Jen Denis of Honeygrow, Rob Levin of Printfly, Rayce Rollins of Slice Communications and Jen Esser of Bohler Engineering. The talk covered all facets of enterprise in regards to marketing and social media parameters. The conversation started with the acknowledgment that social media can be used as a tool internally and externally as a pipeline for transitioning industries. Some of the risks that can come from brand development via social media is the legal vulnerablility a digital footprint can create. You have no ability to control what your audience will share and the narrative they place around it. Engagement is key. Social media is not a billboard for you to post and forget. It’s a tool that should be prioritized as the main bridge to connect with your audience.

Sean Lauer from Twitter gave a The Power of Purpose talk. Lauer stressed the difficulties of a being a brand these days. Consumers shift their focus so much in the information age. There’s such a burgeoning desire for immediacy. Buyers have countless options and limited interests in advertisings. Brands really need to know their purpose and what drives them. 75% percent of people expect that the brand in which they invest their money will add to wellness and life. 57% percent of people will buy or boycott a brand based on their social or political stances, this is a figure that has jumped 30% since last year. People gravitate to brands that stand for something not, conversely, against something. You have to find what guides you, the level of essentialness it holds, and be ready to pledge your brand to cultivate that message for years to come.

Other speakers like Tom Stanley, Public Relations/Social Media Manager of Penn Museum, discussed the utility of concerted communication with your audience and how that can lead to instant exponential growth. He illustrated how the museum’s PR team used Reddit to engage with potential visitors. They spend time answering the bizarre prompts such as; “Do mummies smell bad?” and “Are all things in a museum are stolen?” They don’t shy away from any question whether it’s humorous or tough. Being strategic in engagement has led to an extreme surge in visits to the museum.

The key is to know who you’re engaging with and prioritize the message of your brand. Social Media Day was a thrilling convention connecting individuals from several different fields and mediums. Whether people were networking, enjoying the selfie station, or being informed on how to take their brand to the next level, the expertise they received at the conference was boundless.


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