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Brian Dawkins tackles it all in epic Hall of Fame speech

Eagles legend Brian Dawkins has officially etched his name in the annals of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His induction ceremony took place in Canton, Ohio last night. After plenty of fan-centric activities, formal dinners, and press buildup, the gold jacket finally came on. There isn’t an Eagles legend or a player so beloved by the fans that deserved it more.

Plenty of the Eagles brass was in attendance to see the Eagles Ring of Honor member view his Hall of Fame bust and to hear his speech. Those in attendance included Jeff Lurie, Howie Roseman, Hugh Douglas, former coach Andy Reid, and plenty others. Reid even charted a jet from Kansas City to ensure that he would be there for Dawkins. Andy almost immediately had to turn around and return once the speech ended so that he could lead the Chiefs practice Sunday morning.

(Photo Kirby Lee, USA Today Sports)

Former Eagles great and current Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the NFL, Troy Vincent, provided the introduction for Dawkins. The speech was full of the passion, intensity, and heart that B Dawk played with. His walk in even included Weapon X’s signature moves. Dawkins implored people to “push through your pain and never settle.” He assured people there’s always hope,” for those who are going through it right now, there’s hope. You do have hope. There is something on the other side of this.” He highlighted the adversities in his life, his battle with depression, his progression as a player on the field, those who helped him develop, and his vision for his future. He understands that life will throw many more hurdles his way but because he’s conquered and overcame so many trials previously, he’ll be prepared. Plenty of joy and hope comes on the other side of pain. He thanked Eagles fans for their love, devotion, and for coming all the way from Philly to “celebrate with your boy.”

Watch the full speech below:

The Emmy-nominated NFL Network feature series A Football Life announced that Dawkins will be a part of the upcoming season. The episode will air on October 12th.

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