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WATCH: UFC’s knockout of the year!

It was around 1:00 A.M. on Saturday night, so I know most people either missed it completely or have yet to really share this video because the attention this KO deserves is no where near what it is receiving.


“The MMA world has unanimously praised UFC lightweight Justin Gaethje, who emphatically ended a 2-fight losing streak at UFC Lincoln on Saturday, by scoring a stunning one-punch knockout of rival James Vick in the main event.

Gaethje needed just under 90 seconds to dispatch Vick, a fighter who came into the bout on a 9-1 UFC record. Known as one of the division’s hardest hitters, Gaethje connected with a left hook just before a vicious right hand evaded Vick’s defenses and sent him sprawling face first to the canvas.”

I think this about nails the description, now you need to see it for yourself! Dude got knocked the FU%K OUT! Watch the full video and you will see that when Gaethje goes over to check on Vick after the brutal knockout, Vick tries to take him down. He was still out of it at that point!


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