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Sixers lose to the Celtics again… blame TNT

Well… wtf.

Not how we thought Tuesday night’s game was going to go down. Or should we have? Heading into the game vs. the Celtics, the Sixers were 3-19 out of their last 22 against Boston. However, no Kyrie and All-Star weekend within reach, the Celtics rolled in punched us in the mouth… again. As usual, guys like Marcus Morris and Al Horford didn’t miss, but this time Gordon Hayward poured in 26. That was all they needed.

I honestly didn’t feel good about the game from the moment that broadcast opened up and they said PLAYERS ONLY! Damn you, TNT!

It amazes me how boring those guys were in the booth. Greg Anthony brings NOTHING to the game. The only good thing was when they came back from commercial and McHale called someone a dickhead.

Just not our day, but a tough game to watch. We’re loaded and grooving after wining our last two with Harris, and then the shots don’t fall. Or is it deeper than that? Is Brett Brown able to push this team over the hump? Still to be determined, in my opinion.


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