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Your Morning Brew for March 15, 2021: Embiid Injury, March Madness, and more

It’s a new week and we’re back with another edition of the Morning Brew. Joel Embiid went down on Friday night, but thankfully it appears that he escaped a serious injury. March Madness is here and we’re on the Road to the Final Four – where all games in the tournament will be played in Indianapolis. The Phillies’ bats are mashing it up right now in Spring Training. The American Recovery Act was made official by President Joe Biden and stimulus money has already started to hit some bank accounts over the weekend. This and so much more will be hit on, so without any further delay – it’s Brew time.

Joel Embiid took a fall and got injured

Embiid appears to have escaped a serious injury

More on the injury

Skip Bayless is an ass

Speaking of clueless, listen to this

That genius was Justin Kutcher

Bryce Harper looks ready for the regular season

So does Didi Gregorius for that matter

This looks like it had to have hurt

Fantasy Baseball is almost upon us

More from our guy Jigsaw

March Madness is here!

The Final Four court design was released

And here are your brackets

Villanova took the L in the Big East tourney to Georgetown

Nova ended up with a 5 seed

The Drexel Dragons are heading back to the tourney as CAA Champs

And no one has you covered for the tourney like The Gambler!

President Joe Biden officially signed the American Recovery Act into law

Some Americans have already started to receive the checks in their bank accounts

Imagine if the current president was a petty man like the former president

When all of your businesses are failures, you apparently resort to being a con-man

"Daddy please love me"

Don't ever let Senator Ron Johnson tell you that he's not racist

While we're on the subject of racists

The Heat's Meyers Leonard got in on the racial slur action as well

Leonard issued a lame apology

Julian Edelman wrote an open letter to Leonard

The Proud Boys reportedly get treated differently for some reason

Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar is a liar

Craziness on the set of ESPN Colombia


Elon Musk ... oof!

Hush Luka Hush

Drew Brees called it a career

The league reacted

Nas finally won a Grammy

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