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Your Morning Brew for April 5, 2021: Phillies sweep Braves, epic Final Four ending, and more

After what seemed like forever, Major League Baseball is back! The Phillies swept the Braves in an impressive opening series. The Men’s and Women’s Final Fours started over the weekend. Gonzaga and UCLA put on a thriller.  Jalen Hurts will be wearing a new number to start the season. All this and so much more in this week’s Brew. Let’s get to it!

Ring the damn bell!

And it feels so good

Opening Day was great

Scott Franzke with the call on the walkoff winner

Didi Gregorius had a spectacular catch

Zack Wheeler was fantastic on Saturday

The first dinger of the MLB season went to Miguel Cabrera in the snow

Great photos

Benches cleared on Saturday during the Reds-Cardinals game

Fernando Tatis Jr. blasted his first of what I’m sure will be many dingers this year

Joel Embiid returned from injury

Gonzaga will face Baylor for the title on Monday Night

Gonzaga survived UCLA in an instant Classic

Was that a better game and finish than this one in 2016?

Or who could forget Duke vs Kentucky from Philly in 1992?

Back to the Zags & UCLA… this headline says it all

Baylor dominated Houston 

Money Money Money

Houston had no answer for Baylor

Yep… pretty much

Stanford and Arizona made it to the Women’s National Championship Game

Stanford won a nail biter against Arizona

The Champs are here

It came down to this

South Carolina’s season ended in the Final Four in heartbreak

Arizona Head Coach Adia Barnes was fired up after taking down U-Conn

Jalen Hurts will have a new number this year

The MLB is taking a stand against the Republican’s recent Voter Suppression Bill

Meanwhile, the Braves seem to be missing the point

And the Anti-Cancel Culture mob are of course being hypocrites

They can’t help themselves

Don the Con struck again

One of Former President Trump’s Fluffers wants to join Newsmaxx

Well well well… look at what we have here

The Feds found text messages

No wonder Gaetz wanted Trump re-elected so badly

More about the Creep

Look at this

Going on TV for an interview was not a very wise decision

This had to get the Curb Your Enthusiasm treatment


SNL took it’s shots at Gaetz

Tragedy struck the Capitol again this week

This guy is straight delusional

Pretty cool wrestling news here

DMX had a health scare

Ruff Ryders for Life

The Canucks have a huge Covid problem on their hands

Oscar de la Hoya is making a comeback

Space Jam is back

What in the Blue Hell is Serge Ibaka wearing?

With Governor DeSantis’ track record, what could go wrong?

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