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Your Morning Brew (5/3/21): Kentucky Derby, Eagles’ draft, Aaron Rodgers, and more

My how time flies as we’re onto the month of May. The Kentucky Derby was this weekend and the race had an exciting finish. In addition, the NFL Draft started Thursday night and concluded on Saturday. Night one saw the Eagles make a deal with the devil to land their guy. Night two appeared to show a bit of distention within the Eagles brass in their war room. Speaking of war, all hell is breaking loose with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.Β  All this and more in this week’s Brew. Let’s get to it!

The Eagles danced with the devil at the draft


Welcome to Philly, DaVonta Smith

Jalen Hurts and Davonta Smith have been reunited

Number 6 it is

Let’s check in on a Giants fan

The Friday Night picks for the Birds were as follows

But not everyone seemed thrilled with at least one of the picks

All of the Birds picks

Round 1 results for the NFL Draft…

Photo via NFL/Twitter

Uh oh.. the Colts drafted a QB

Let the Carson Wentz jokes commense

There’s drama in Green Bay

More from Schefter

Rodgers to Denver?

Or Rodgers to Brooklyn?

Aaron Rodgers seems unbothered by the chaos around him

Mike Tirico caught up with Rodgers

Tom Brady also made an appearance at the Derby

Cue the jokes

What a beautiful sound

On to the race itself

Sean Brace nails it

The Mets and Phillies don’t like each other

You hate to see it

While on the topic of being screwed… here’s Matt Gaetz

Republican leaders apparently are okay with the behavior from Gaetz

The circus is taking it’s show on the road

Ted Cruz really doesn’t care about anyone but himself

The new big lie… they’re coming for your burgers

And another one – but this time they get called out on it

It’s stunning that some in Congress are okay with this

Tragedy in Israel

Things are getting worse in India

It’s just brutal

Tucker Carlson is an awful human being

Here’s some hard hitting news

Shaq’s son made a decision

Not a good look for Marilyn Manson

Bye bye Gobert

Jayson Tatum went off and the Spurs choked like no other

Lamelo Ball is back

Pretty cool moment here

Fernando Tatis Jr. is a monster

Roman Reigns has a new theme song

Daniel Bryan is off of Smackdown now

LeBron James setting the tone for “injury management” for the rest of his career

Some would say…

Manchester United fans are not pleased

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