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Your Morning Brew (6/21/21): WWE Hell in a Cell, Sixers Choke, Ben Simmons Disappears, and more

We’re back at it again, fresh off of Father’s day weekend. That familiar smell in the air is the scent of disappointment for Philly sports fans. The Sixers choked their series away against the Hawks. Ben Simmons forgot to put his big boy pants on and now some would even say that the process is dead. In other news,  the ugly red cell was back for the WWE Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View and there were no major title changes at the event. So let’s get right to it. It’s Brew time.

Joel Embiid gets a foolish fine because Adam Silver hates the Sixers

Jalen Hurts was in the building for the series finale

The Sixers suck

How does that happen?

Yep.. we felt this


Ben Simmons…yikes!

JoJo reacts

Absolutely Brutal

The stats don’t lie

Doc’s thoughts on Ben Simmons

This sums it up

I see no lies


The Iron Sheik knows

What a nightmare

Bucks took down the Nets

What a shot to force Overtime

“My big ass foot”

Maybe this is why the Nets lost

Woj Bomb

Great goal

Great call

They couldn’t wait til the PPV

And Still

Through a table

Seth Rollins took home the W

Bianca Belair not only won, but she hit this wicked move too

Alexa Bliss was on the right side of the win column

Throwback Hell in a Cells

This was the most Epic Hell in a Cell of all time

Then there was the debut of Kane in 1997

This was an amazing aerial shot

In honor of Father’s day

The new big lie from Republicans

This will never not be such a disgrace

The skies are not friendly to Matt Gaetz

Speaking of plane banners

But who really is the daddy?

Republican male politicians will stop at nothing to stay in power

Get them, Judge!

They’re just now figuring it out that Don is a Con?

This says it all

The Proud Boys are as embarrassing as it gets

An important read

These scumbags need to be caught

Who could forget this moment?

Washington Football Team suffers setback


2022 World Cup news

A star is born

She is fast!

Cole Beasley is offended by Covid vaccinations

I have some questions here

Nice moment

Game-winning triple play

It’s Wander time

A moment Wander will never forget

That was not a nice sign

The 15 minutes of fame are not up yet

In Phoenix, this behavior is somehow glorified

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