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Your Morning Brew (11/1/21): Eagles Win, Nick Sirianni’s Flower Obsession, and more

Can you believe it? We’re already in the month of November. Before you know it, it will be 2022. But, we’re back at it again with a new Morning Brew. The Lions battled the Eagles in a toilet bowl game and the Eagles looked dominant for once. Nick Sirianni really loves him some flowers. Details emerged this past week of a sexual assault and coverup scandal for the Chicago Blackhawks. So let’s get right to it. It’s Brew time.

What the hell is happening?

It took a turn indeed

Would Deuce have been the better hire?


Sirianni is getting roasted

Cue the advertisers

I can’t take this

Eagles take home a W against the Lions

Trick or treat

Scoop and score

That Philly feeling

Good for Lane Johnson

The Flyers looked good against Edmonton

Let’s get it on

This dude is nuts

Kyle Beach speaks

What a joke

Even in court the Blackhawks are trying to destroy Beach

Dismiss the lawsuits?

Taylor Hall tells it like it is

Quenneville resigns

That’s rough

“Where’s Ben Simmons?”

Tears from Trae Young

This judge is a disgrace

Well said

May Rittenhouse burn in hell

This is absolutely crazy

Just casually throwing up the “White Power” sign

The semen in this whole family is tainted…that’s the only answer for this

Michael Rapaport has some thoughts on the Con Man’s son

Blow boy

We feel you, Melania

It wouldn’t shock me knowing how dumb American voters are

Republicans are openly defending Nazis now

America is doomed

It sure did

Madison Cawthorn is never factually right and it makes me sick

Hannah Gadsby goes after Netflix

Dave Chapelle responds to the controversy

Bill Maher defends Dave Chapelle

Curb your enthusiasm Episode 1 review

No SEPTA strike


A Texas twister

Another angle

Welcome to the Metaverse

Zuckerberg tries to distract us from reality

More on Zuckerberg’s shenanigans

Mario is having a party

Things aren’t going great for the Lakers to start the season


LeBron James hooks his daughter up

A new meme has been born

Michigan State takes out the Michigan Wolverines

Wanna be thugs riot after a win before heading home for supper at their parent’s house

They apparently get a pass because they’re white kids

New college football poll

Ohio State band trolls Michigan

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