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Keep the Phillies faith ALIVE!

Game 7 and I refuse to believe this is how it ends! NO WAY! All the credit in the world to the Diamondbacks for taking it this far but enough is enough. The Bank will be rocking and most of us will be cashing major tickets with the Phillies finally clinching the National League! What to do with those winnings… FOCO has you covered!

Check these Phillies bobbleheads they have available!

Stay In The Moment This Postseason With More Phillies Products from FOCO

The Philly fandom is continuing to stay hot throughout the postseason and has definitely lived up to the
hype as well. Even if you are not a Phillies fan at heart, if you are an average fan of the game of
baseball, you simply cannot deny the excitement and passion not only the players are giving to fanatics
all over but the proud and rowdy Philadelphia flock of loyal and passionate Phillies fans. Seems like each
postseason that comes around, records are broken on and off the field and expectations ride higher and
higher as the playoff. Yet, this team lives up to the expectations and answers the call proving
themselves the be arguably the most dominant force in the national league and potentially all of
baseball right now.
With the Phil’s being one game away from returning to the World Series for the second straight year, we
want to make sure you continue to know about the amazing work our partners at FOCO are doing
providing their collectors and sports fanatics with the top-of-the-line products and most unique apparel
you can find in the sport merchandise world today. A couple of records were broken and we would love
for you to get your hands on them before they quickly sell out!
Two bobbleheads were released by FOCO commemorating Bryce Harper being the only Phillie to steal
home plate in a postseason game as well as Kyle Schwarber becoming the player with the most home
runs in a National League Championship Series. The Bryce Harper bobblehead stands proudly at 8
inches tall with 144 units available now for preorder at a retail price of $80. The Kyle Schwarber
bobblehead stands at 8 inches as well with 72 available for preorder retailing at $80.
These bobbleheads are blackout bobbleheads as FOCO does their very best to stay in the current
moment to capitalize on the biggest current events in sports! Their warehouse is hard at work in
creating the molds for these bobbleheads. Like all FOCO bobbleheads, each bobble is hand-crafted and
painted so no two pieces look exactly the same. Make sure to pick up your Bryce Harper Philadelphia
Phillies First Ever Phillie to Steal Home During the Postseason Bobblehead and Kyle Schwarber
Philadelphia Phillies Most Home Runs in NLCS History Bobblehead before they are all gone! GO PHILS!!

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