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Your Pi Brew (11/2/23): 76ers news, NFL trade deadline, and more

Cover Photo Credit: Getty Images/Ringer Illustration

We’re back with an all new Brew. James Harden has been traded to the Clippers. The NFL trade deadline came and went. Jalen Hurts is the NFC player of the week. Do the Eagles have the best Wide Receiver in the league? We have this and so much more to get to, so lets do this. It’s brew time!

James Harden is the Clippers problem now

What the Harden trade means for the 76ers

The war against working

JoJo gets fined for the DX Chop

Joel Embiid gets an offer from Triple H

76ers all-new court for the NBA In-Season Tournament

All of the court designs

Your NFC Player of the Week

Is AJ Brown the best WR in the league this season?

Here were the deals at the NFL Trade Deadline

AC Expressway news

Saudi Arabia gets the 2034 Men’s World Cup

The human vagina is at it again…

Snoop’s Michael Jackson story…

Hailey Bieber is fine as F*ck!!!

Demi Rose slays again

Trick or Treat!

I want some of that…

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