The Sixers Are on a Seven-Year Plan According to Julius Erving

Julius Erving was a guest on Jared Greenberg’s SiriuxXM radio show and said that the Sixers, since Joshua Harris and co. took over, are now on a seven-year plan to win.

Dr. J: “Well, when they acquired the team in 2012, I think the talk was about seven years. Seven years. So, I think it’s still on that same timeline.”

Greenberg: “Just to make the playoffs?”

Dr. J: “No. To be good. To be good. To be formidable. To be a contender. That’s probably ’18-’19,  right?”

I’m not sure Dr. J is off-base in his interview. I can’t see the Sixers being a legitimate championship contender in the next three years. But, stranger things have happened. Also, most general managers that are hired give a five-ish year plan. So, I don’t see anything wrong with the Sixers’ timeline of when they expect to be good-great.

Audio below.


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