Is Jordan Tougher Than LeBron? Give Me Your Take!


In a report posted on this week, Dennis Rodman said it was ‘very easy’ for LeBron to be successful in today’s NBA. Is he correct or just sticking up for his back in the day baller buddy, MJ?

One of the hottest topics in the NBA is the numerous days off the athletes receive while the perception is the that the players of yesterday never sat out a game. Does everyone remember Jordan basically being carried off the court during each timeout while dealing with the flu?  Would today’s NBA player be inclined to pull off such a monumental moment?

Rodman decided to bring the heat during an interview with CBS Sports saying rest is proof that James is not at the same level as Jordan.

“You know what, LeBron’s doing one thing that I always said that Michael Jordan never did. He never rested. He played every game. LeBron has the position to do this now, because they need him. The league needs him, and that’s why he’s doing all this crazy s— now.”

This is a tough subject to defend since a high percentage of players wouldn’t play with a hangnail if they weren’t pushed. Then again, if the coach starts to push they can always run to the owner and tell them to move on. Yes, some of them are that petty. Bird’s back, Yao’s feet, and Shaq’s knees were all frequent visitors on the daily injury report. Last time I checked, rest wasn’t an option. Am I wrong?

Now it’s time for you to speak out. Do you think this is a justified argument? Do you think the players of today are held to the same standards of yesterday? Give me your take!


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