One Diet Drink a Day Equals Three Times the Risk of Death … Now the Philly Soda Tax Makes Sense!

Just when you thought Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney was coming up with a well devised plan to save schools while forcing big companies to downsize, the truth all comes out. He was actually trying to save the Philly population from an excessive amount of hospital bills and over excessive co-pays. What a great guy that mayor is. (sarcasm at its finest)

While that above statement seems farther from the truth than a 76ers injury report, the findings behind the self proclaimed healthy choice of soda is downright scary. A recent US study found those who drank a can of artificially-sweetened pop — such as Diet Coke or Pepsi Max — daily were at three times the risk of suffering the most common form of stroke compared to non-drinkers. They were also 2.9 times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s. However, later on that last tidbit of information seems to be a miscalculation.

The team from Boston University School of Medicine looked at ten years’ worth of data from more than 4,300 people. During this search it is thought to be attributed to heart issues, diabetes, weight gain, stimulating a sweet tooth, and an extreme change in eating habits.

Why do I bring this up you ask? I just figured the insane amount of people that will be visiting the City of Brotherly Love might want to know how much the city gives back to the fans. They recently doubled the price of all sodas in the hopes to make you a healthier human being. Now you can spend the day consuming an extreme amount of water and beer in the hopes of staying hydrated up until the 14th pick!

This public service announcement has been brought to you by We reserve the right to pass judgment on the soda tax, but deem ourselves not responsible for the future substitutions fans will turn to on draft weekend!

***Obviously this piece was done in good humor and by no means represents my true opinion of the Mayor or his soda tax. The statistics and study reports are credible.

My real opinion on the soda tax is it is a thoughtless and narrow-minded plan that hopes to recoup years of horrific money management. Let’s ask all the workers that have been laid off due to the miscalculations and misfortunes of City Counsel how they feel. I’m sure the answers will be similar.


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