Drums & Flats: Wingtegrity and love for the wing-slingers

The show is officially off and running!

We believe the original concept was discussed at a Union game two years ago, so with that, it feels good to get everyone in the Pi Studios and finally record the first episode of Drums & Flats. A few things as you join us on this venture – sports and music will always be discussed, but the show is about wings. If you’re a nerd like us when it comes to crushing wings, then this show is for you!

Allow me to introduce the crew:

Joe Godino: Bangs the drums for the great Menzingers. A die-hard Philly sports fan who originally grew up on the mean streets of Scranton, PA. Why should you want to hear him discuss wings? He’s from Scranton and has toured the world, the guy knows wings.


Eric Jensen:  Retired beer-slinger, but over the years of pushing some of the finest juices N.C.B.C. has to offer, Eric discovered his love for all things wings. The originator of the word “Wingtegrity.”


Sean Brace: Over 18 years in the bar game and has tasted wings from coast to coast. Loves all things BBQ and beer, knows a thing or two about a thing or two and is a lover of all things good content.


Press play on Episode 1!


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