Sum of All Sports Report: Anthony Davis as the next NBA supernova

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When will the NBA stop letting players take their league hostage? Why do the brass continue to let this league be driven by the opinions and demands of the supernovas? I understand that this is a business, but something has to give.

Anthony Davis is the latest to pull his own power play, when he told the New Orleans Pelicans he would not be signing a long-term deal with the team. What are his options? Your guess is as good as mine. Just open up Twitter and I’m sure all the self-proclaimed NBA beat writers will tell you why/why not he can be had for each perspective team. This just bothers me. It literally makes me hate the logistics of the game I grew up playing on the blacktop. I understand these players have choices, but to hold NBA franchises hostage while they make up their mind is absurd! Will he be traded? I’m sure his demands will be met. Do I know where he will land? No, and I don’t really care.

Dive further into this issue with Radio Personality and Fantasy Sports Analyst/Sports Writer Tony “Jigsaw” Cutillo as he welcomes all comments and opinions. He uses his expertise to elaborate on all the top stories of the week while using his perspective to gauge interest. Here are his other sticking points he has up for interpretation this week:

• MLB. What is holding up the Harper/Machado deals? 

This is one of the most interesting, albeit annoying, storylines in all of baseball. Free agency opened up months ago and the two biggest names continue to sit on the bench waiting for the right sign. Did the superagents who represent these two superstars misread the market? I would lean on the answer of no. These massive deals take time to construct and having one player receiving considerably less in his perspective offers doesn’t help the situation one bit. Remember, there are many dynamics to take into consideration here that involve the Player’s Union and the agents themselves. I hate to break the news here, but this could linger into mid March! My prediction: Harper signs with the Phillies while Machado still looks for more money!

• NFL. Can anyone save the Pro Bowl?

All of us NFL fans are already aware the fading popularity of the Pro Bowl. Is there anything they can do to make it more interesting for the players and the fans? I understand the risk of injury is at an all-time high in this game, but receiving the nod for your prospective conference is an esteemed honor that unfortunately gets treated like an afterthought more and more each year. Could we have a special game or different type of skills competition? One thing is for sure, more plays like this can’t hurt!

• NBA. Can PG13 keep the Thunder in contention?

The Oklahoma City Thunder have won six in a row, with the tandem of Russell Westbrook and Paul George being the driving force behind victory. George had 37 points, Westbrook posted another triple-double to outlast the Orlando Magic 126-117. We all knew PG13 was a capable talent on the cusp of MVP status. Well, this year, he is definitely in the conversation. Do you think it’s enough to keep the Thunder in contention?


• Fantasy Football. Would Antonio Brown continue to be fantasy gold in another uniform?

We all know the situation and are aware of the implications. Fantasy Football owner are keeping tabs to see where this story ends. Antonio Brown is one of the most recognizable names in fantasy and an organizational switch could have many different results. He has been the PPR Gold Standard for each of the last six years, finishing as the WR5, WR2, WR1, WR1, WR1, and WR2 in this span. Brown has posted at least 100 receptions and 1,200 yards in each of these campaigns and is the only player in NFL history to have five or more seasons with 100-plus receptions and 1,200-plus yards. If he dons another uniform next season, will he still command a Top 3 selection?

The Sum of All Sports Report has been running throughout the general media world and now it is a part of Philly Influencer. Its purpose is to utilize the various sports associations and bring them all into one specific theme. Debating and conversing the various opinions of the people continues to be the heart of sports media. Now it can all be done in one place.

Tony “Jigsaw” Cutillo has been using this report to gain traction all across the United States. From California to Colorado, his interviews, articles and weekly segments can be heard all across the media sector. He welcomes all opinions and debates. Now is your chance join in the fun!

Here’s his latest Weekend Sports Wrap:

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