Kawhi to Philly: What the media is saying about the Sixers meeting

On Thursday night, Adrian Wojnarowski dropped one of his signature bombs on the NBA. At the NBA draft, Woj listed several teams in the running for the services of two-time NBA champion and Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard. The most surprising element was the revelation that the Philadelphia 76ers are amongst the suitors.

The team still has heavy free agent interests in Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris. Elton Brand has stated repeatedly that he wants to retain both major talents. However, the alternative of adding Kawhi would make the 76ers a dominant force. The media did a whip around once the news broke and it sent shockwaves through Friday morning’s rundowns.

Woj sat down with Jalen Rose and Brian Windhorst on the Get Up this Friday. He clarified the importance of the meeting with the 76ers, how he fits with the team, and the financial side of the story.

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless verbally volleyed about the topic on Undisputed. The duo highlighted that Kawhi’s uncle Dennis lives close in New Jersey. They both also proclaimed that if he signed to Philadelphia, the team would be dominant defensively. Skip Bayless sees the meeting as an “ultimate disrespect” to the Toronto Raptors. Leonard would be meeting with a conference and divisional foe. He asserted that losing Kawhi to the west coast would be mentally salvageable for Toronto and its fans. If they lost Leonard to an east coast rival then, it would be a thunderous gut punch.

Stephen A. Smith was brazen on First Take. He exclaimed that there is, “No chance in hell,” Kawhi comes to the 76ers. Brian Windhorst also joined the discussion. He questioned what message the team would send to Harris and Butler. If the team sits with Kawhi first, there’s no reality where either player will wait around for the Sixers. Both players would assumedly start answering calls from other teams in the league.

NBA free agency begins Sunday, June 30. The Sixers were already going to be in the headlines with three notable players (Butler, Harris, Redick) up for grabs. It appears their chase for a championship, will be including another and bigger name than any of us could’ve imagined.

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