Three tips for maintaining healthy hair during winter months in Philadelphia

A report by lookfantastic.com revealed that women spend an estimated $80 and eleven hours per month on hair products and styling, according to Prismax Cosmetics. The cold season can be hard on hair. The cold, dry air, and everything linked with winter dehydrate your hair, making it prone to breakage. That is why during winter months, hair care techniques tend to change, and you are required to go the extra mile to keep your hair healthy. By following a few simple hair care routines, and of course, making a heavy to healthy lifestyle change will ensure your hair remains healthy throughout the winter season.

Pay Attention to Hair Breakage

You are likely to experience hair breakage during the cold months because your hair will be more dry, delicate, and brittle. Since dry hair is prone to breaking, avoid over-brushing. Instead, deep condition regularly, and use a wide-tooth comb to brush your hair. Deep conditioning helps combat dryness when you apply intensive daily conditioners at least once per week. However, ensure your deep conditioner contains natural oils to keep your hair moisturized.

Moisturize with Natural Oils

Incorporating natural oils into your hair care routine is a great way to keep hair moisturized. If you are prone to hair breakage, itchy and dry scalp, consider applying argan oil for hair. This product will moisturize your hair, making it soft, smooth, and sleek. It will also prevent hair loss as it contains vitamin E, a powerful ingredient for promoting hair growth. Besides, there are several ways you can use argan oil to deep condition, tame frizz, protect hair from heat, and hydrate the scalp.

Limit Heat Styling

As much as it is fun to curl, straighten, and give your hair a blow out, constant heat styling is not advisable. Remember, indoor heat drains moisture from your hair. So, when you use heat styling appliances like blow dryers, curling, and flat iron, your hair becomes dry, leading to breakage. Take advantage of cold weather to try different no heat hair styling techniques like the pixie, high and low ponytail, and knotless braids. Also, make it a habit to wear a hat when going outside to protect your hair from the cold, dry air.

Maintaining healthy hair starts with eating right and following strict hair care routines. Therefore, add healthy fats like omega-3 and vitamins in your diet, and stay hydrated to promote hair growth. You should also reduce the use of shampoo as it removes natural oil, making your hair brittle and delicate.


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