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Philly Influencer Live Podcast #12: Chase Utley Gone? Trump/ESPN Overkill & Chip Kelly Rides a Bike

Every Tuesday & Thursday at 1pm, Sean Brace ( & John Barchard ( The Fanatic) podcast live and discuss all things Philly! On this episode, Sean rides solo and breaks down a wide range of topics, contents listed below. Press play and enjoy!

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2:00 Sponsors.

8:30 24-hour bug or food poisoning? 

11:00 Every TV show is all about Mr. Trump. OVERKILL.

13:00 Is it possible to learn about the other candidates? 

15:00 No way Trump will be the next president…right? 

18:00 Tim Tebow slapping his autograph on a bible at the last Eagles practice. Cool?

19:00 ESPN is showing us what “Overkill” is all about. 

21:30 J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets hahahahahahah.

23:00 Rex Grossman to save the day! 

29:00 Philadelphia Soul playoff tickets giveaway.

31:00 Banner day for happened yesterday, here’s why..

32:30 Utley wearing another jersey? That’s going to hurt.

35:00 Utley should’ve been traded two summers ago. 

37:00 Can’t believe Brian Dawkins is now known as this…

41:00 Colin Cowherd is heading to FOX. Here’s why thats a GREAT move for Cowherd.

44:00 Pat Riley says: “Get a new job every 7-10 years.” Is change good?

47:00 HBO’s Hard Knocks kicked off with the Texans this week. Still good?

48:00 J.J. Watt is over the top, just right, or you want more?

51:00 Eagles fans deserve more than two open practices during training camp.

52:00 Chip Kelly and Connor Barwin should ride a tandem bicycle to practice.

53:00 Bad news for Patrick Kane. 

55:00 Soccer ratings are up!

Thank you for pressing play! Please share it if you enjoyed! Tweet at me (@sean_brace) with anything from this podcast! 

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  1. john

    Hey great job my man. Love what your doing. Every morning when I wake up for work at 3am I have great admiration for you doing my dream job!! Keep up the great work and good luck brotha

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