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Here’s the Sixers Schedule for the Upcoming Season

Yesterday, the NBA released team schedules, and, yes, the Sixers still happen to be a member of the NBA. And despite not having any nationally televised games, it’s going to be highly entertaining seeing these players gel together under Brett Brown, especially Jahlil Okafor. Brown’s team was entertaining last season and were one of the worst teams in the league. They’ll [hopefully] be better this season.

Some highlights from the season include:

October 28th – opener at Boston.

November 2nd – vs. Cleveland at home.

December 7th – a day that will live in infamy, as the Sixers take on the Spurs at home.

That’s kind of, sort of, really… it. Don’t let the Sixers fool you, there probably won’t be many highlights this season.

Unfortunately for us, the broadcasts will not include Malik Rose, who took a front office job with the Atlanta Hawks. This is worse news than Joel Embiid’s injury.

Full schedule available here, or click here to download and print, courtesy of ESPN.

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