Your Morning Brew for November 16

Yuck. The Eagles once again embarrassed us on the field yesterday. The good thing? The Giants and Cowboys lost, too. The Redskins won, but that likely doesn’t mean anything. However, it’s hard to feel good about such a shit division. Time to delve.

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And now, the Brew:

Post-game reaction outside of the Linc.

Jason Kelce didn’t pull any punches on his game.

Kelce, one of the most accommodating Eagles with the media of the past 25 years, did speak with the media Sunday night.

His interview lasted 12 seconds.

“If you want a quote, here it is: That was the worst game of my entire career,” Kelce said.

“Three penalties. (Bleeping) bad snap. (Bleeping) just a terrible blocking performance. I got to get it corrected. But other than that, that’s about all I have to say.”

This fan wasn’t happy after the Dolphins blocked Donnie Jones’ punt.


Here is Sam Bradford leaving the field to go to the locker room. He was not being booed and he wasn’t being cheered for being hurt. We’ll have more on this apparent narrative later.

Didinger rips Kelly.

Jenkins rips his team.

The Army football team took the field on Saturday with the flag of France.

Nik Stauskas shot the lights out Friday night.

The Phillies are apparently listening closely to offers for Ken Giles, and traded for another pitcher over the weekend.

Zebras were on the loose in Philly yesterday.


Ronda Rousey suffered her first loss in UFC Saturday night after a brutal knockout by Holly Holm.

A Philly native was in Paris during the terrorist attacks Friday night.

Mark Streit with the worst male injury ever?

DraftKings circumventing the rules?

One year after walking on a WWE ramp, Sergeant Dan Rose walked again at the Linc yesterday.

Maybe if Titans defenders actually could stop Cam Newton, then they wouldn’t look like such crybabies.

Chris Berman is a creep? Chris Berman is a creep.

Julian Edelman broke a bone in his foot.

Idiot on the field.

T.J. Ward is an asshole.

Peyton Manning got benched.

Cardinals offensive lineman, Mike Iupati, left last night’s game in an ambulance after getting hit in the head. Good news is he reportedly has feeling in all his extremities as of now.



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