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Colin Cowherd Ripped Sam “Smartest Guy in the Room” Hinkie

So, obviously we have been talking a lot of about the sam Hinkie resignation that broke two nights ago. Everything is being discussed from “The Process,” to trades, to Bryan Colangelo, etc. Well, yesterday, Colin Cowherd went on a but of a different route with it, and honestly, I think he was spot on.

In the letter, the underaccomplished Hinkie quotes Warren Buffett, Abraham Lincoln, Elon Musk and other world leaders, investors and innovators showcasing the long-term vision that he adopted in his position upon being hired by the Sixers in 2013. Yeah, take it down a notch and go enjoy scouting junior varsity basketball. Or… I hear the LA Tech Women’s Basketball team could use a coach. Just a thought.


[Editor’s note: Still think it’s a mistake to push Hinkie out.]

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