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The Sixers Made Fans Take off Their Pro-Sam Hinkie Gear Friday Night

After Sam Hinkie resigned from his post late last Wednesday, many Sixers fans were left angry, depressed, or happy. The ones with half a brain were upset because Hinkie hadn’t necessarily quit on his plan, he had been forced to do things someone else’s way. He said no. I don’t blame him.

When Jerry Colangelo was brought in, I wasn’t sure what to think. But it’s pretty obvious he’s completely changed the landscape for the Sixers, and right now, not many people are happy. The Sixers brought in his son as the general manager, and he was going to come in regardless if Hinkie didn’t resign or not. So Hinkie was basically told that the Sixers were gonna do whatever they wanted and he didn’t have any more say over it, so he walked away.

Apparently the Sixers aren’t over it. On Friday night, during a half court shot contest in which select season-ticket holders could make a half court shot for the opportunity for their season tickets to be paid for in full next season, the Sixers made this guy take off his personalized Sam Hinkie jersey. Here are the before and after pictures, courtesy of Jim Adair.



He wasn’t the only one.

The Sixers. Passionate. Proud. Jerkfaces.

Can’t wait to see where the Colangelo era takes them.

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