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An Update on Nigel Bradham’s Arrest and What May Have Led to It

New Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham was arrested in Florida after an alleged incident in Miami Beach over an umbrella. According to a report from NBC in Miami, Bradham allegedly assaulted an employee of the Hilton Bentley hotel last Thursday, and turned himself into police on Monday.

FOX29’s Howard Eskin reported Wednesday that the worker assaulted Bradham’s girlfriend and he simply defended her.

And here are some more reports on the matter.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson didn’t comment much on the matter during Wednesday’s press conference, simply stating that he spoke to Bradham about the incident on Tuesday night.

“I did have a great conversation with him last night, laid out my expectations for him,” he said. “Again those are private conversations, I’m not going to get into a bunch of detail on that. He’s obviously humbled by it and he understands the situation and magnitude. Until we get further information by authorities, I can’t speculate any further.”


Jean Courtois, the person Bradham allegedly hit, offered this explanation to

I am the victim,” Courtois said.
Courtois, 50, denied a report that he sparked the incident by hitting Bradham’s girlfriend.
“No,” Courtois said. “I didn’t hit anybody.”
Bradham, who was arrested on suspicion of assault, has a court appearance scheduled for Aug. 2. Coincidentally, that’s the Eagles’ first day off from training camp.
According to Courtois, who said he is receiving medical attention for injuries sustained in the incident, Bradham became impatient and struck him when Bradham was unhappy with the service.
(Bradham) asked me to set up six chairs in the front (of the hotel). I told him I couldn’t set up six chairs in the front because the city wouldn’t allow it,” Courtois said. “I told him that I couldn’t do it, and he had to use the back [of the hotel].
“So I set up six chairs. Next, I had to (set up) the umbrella. To set up the umbrella, I had to use a drill. My manager was my witness. I told my manager to go get the drill. I needed it to fix the umbrella. When I went to go fix it, (Nigel Bradham) hit me.”
Courtois added: “If he has an issue with an employee, he should call the manager.”

Stay tuned.

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