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DNC Now: All The Live Stream & Broadcast Info For Final #DNCInPhilly Night

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will take the stage tonight for the fourth and final night of the Democratic National Convention. She will accept the Democratic Party’s nomination as its presidential candidate.  Early speakers include: Henrietta Ivey, Beth Mathis, Jensen Walcott & Jake Reed, Khizr Khan. These individuals consist of fighters for increased minimum wage, a factory worker, and the mother of a muslim University of Virgina graduate who was killed in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Retired Gen. John Allen, who helmed the war in Afghanistan, will also be among the night’s key speakers. The last speaker before Secretary Clinton will be her daughter, former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton.


Where To Watch


  • Youtube carries a live stream of the broadcast and provides  Spanish audio and backstage access feeds.
  • C-SPAN will have live 24 hour coverage of the event.
  • The Democratic National Convention website carries a feed of the broadcast and re-airs the previous day as well.
  • There’s also a DNC App available for on the go watchers available for IOS and Android users that provides a live stream of the event.
  • Facebook Live also has a feed that grants access to backstage activities


Television Coverage:

  •  CNN, Fox News, MSNBC live coverage of the event runs from 8PM-11PM. However, these networks will have commentary throughout the entire day.
  • C-SPAN television coverage is 24 hours and continuous.
  • PBS will begin their coverage at 8PM through 11PM.
  • ABC, CBS, NBC: Prime time coverage runs from 10 -11 p.m


All previous speeches from the convention can be found here.

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