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Behind Enemy Lines: DeSean Jackson Is Welcoming Josh Norman to the Redskins the Only Way He Can

The Redskins pulled their best Eagles impression this offseason and signed the most expensive corner on the market, Josh Norman. And it may already be playing out in a similar fashion for Washington as it did for the Eagles last season. Norman has been getting burned in practices by Pierre Garçon and our old friend, DJax.

As we all know, DeSean would never pass up an opportunity to let you know he thinks he is better than you and talk some shit. Well, that’s still holding true in Redskins training camp as DJax has been giving Norman the business.

While I do get having fun and talking shit to make the hot days of training camp bearable, Norman may not be the guy you want to do that with, DeSean…

Let’s not forget, you ain’t about that life.

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