Brian Westbrook Out at CSN


Brian Westbrook is out at CSN, according to his Twitter. He said he was fired from the station.

And the people aren’t happy.

Maybe Westbrook’s price tag went up. Maybe the commute Westbrook was doing was too much, even for CSN. Who knows.

Maybe he’ll land in Atlanta with former teammate Hugh Douglas?

Hey, it could happen.

UPDATE: CSN issued the following statement regarding Westbrook’s departure.

“We would like to thank Brian Westbrook for his many on-air contributions to CSN Philadelphia over the last several years, and clarify that he has not been ‘fired’ from the network. We are making changes to our Eagles pre- and postgame shows in order to bring fresh voices and perspectives, but we value our relationship with Brian and offered him another opportunity with the network, which he declined. We wish him the best and hope to work with him again.”

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